Get IT

You have more important things to do, trust us, we Get It. While you focus on making your business grow, we'll do the heavy lifting when it comes to delivering your assets.

This service is oriented to shipping, receiving and handling of your goods, using top of the line courier services available in the US, such as FedEx and UPS.

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Rush Orders

Deadlines. We all have them. But with us you don't have to dread them anymore. Whenever you are facing a tight delivery date or just want to impress someone, all the services we provide to you have the option of being serviced overnight to get your package there the next business day. Just let us know and we’ll rush it for you.

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The Get It Logistics tracking system uses the advanced equipment for 24/7 monitoring of all goods and vehicles. The customer can check the shipping status and location at any time with the tracking number we provide. Our System allows for freight booking and delivery tracking, as well as for the order status monitoring.

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